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Too Big to (NOT) Fail

Latest cover for CIO Europe for an article about companies that are too big to be nimble, and are unable to react fast. It has been really fun to try out new things on this one. Big thanks to AD SooJin who always encourages new endeavors and amazing to work with! 

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The black sheep of this project has finally emerged! Be you, everyone else is taken. A friend of ours gave us this little guy. #quotesonshit by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman 

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A mural that I did with Pat Lazo on Corydon. Putting something else up in it’s place next week. 

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Collaborated with a Japanese singer Kaela Kimura for NYLON JAPAN!

For this photo-shoot, I tried to visualize sound waves by sewing 26 balls of yarn onto photo panels of gramophones. Yarn would hit the wall, reflect and reach her ears.

I took up embroidery and weaving only 2 years ago. Who would have thought I would be doing installations and working with a famous singer! Crazinesssssss

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